Do You Need to go to Church to be a Christian?

Church isn’t for everyone, but this isn’t to say that a person who doesn’t attend church doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, God, or the Bible. Why is it in today’s society a person who doesn’t attend services when the doors open is shunned? The Bible that I read says we’re to love one another, but it seems that applies only to those who meet normal standards or expectations of what ‘they’ want.

Attending church is certainly beneficial to anyone’s life. It teaches the word of God in a way that only a great God-fearing preacher can. It connects you to other people who have a passion and love for God who can help you feel that passion within your heart. You can spend time enjoying activity relate to God and a great life. Church helps you feel great from the inside out and certainly keeps you connected. And, no one can deny that it is great if you do attend church on Sunday or every time the doors open. But, what shouldn’t be done is condemning those who don’t attend church regularly or as you think they should.

Consider the variety of reasons a person may have for not attending church. Unless you walk a day in their shoes, you haven’t a clue why they are not attending and should never assume that you do. Assuming only brings the worst in people out and that isn’t the way that you want to live life.

Perhaps the person would like to attend church, but is unable to do so due to a work schedule. Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of telling their boss they want off on Sunday or else. Perhaps there is a lack of transportation that keeps them from church. Again, there’s many reasons why a person may not attend church, but do not shun them.  People who don’t attend church are not bad people always, just like those who attend church every time the door is open are not always good people.